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May 2016

Special screening of "The 24-Hour Art Practice" at Authentication in Art Congress 2016, The Hague, The Netherlands.


January 2016

Special Screening of "Uli Sigg : China's Art Missionary"  and "The 24-Hour Art Practice" at Hong Kong University.


Nov 2015

Screening of "Uli Sigg: China's Art Missionary" at Indonesia Visual Arts Archive, Yogjakarta.


May - Nov 2015

Screenings in educational institutions eg. La Salle and School of the Arts, Singapore


May 2015

Private screening of "The 24-Hour Art Practice", Singapore, organised by Cecily Cheo and Cheo Chai Hiang.


March 2015

Special Screening of "The 24-Hour Art Practice" at Hong Kong Arts Centre.


May 2014

Book launch of "Uli Sigg in Conversation : Collecting Chinese Contemporary Art and short film premiere of "Uli Sigg : China's Art Missionary" At Hong Kong Arts Centre.


Jun 2013

Lecture and panel discussion at G-Seoul and public lecture at Art Council of Korea, Seoul.


May 2013

Led VIP tour on Southeast Asia for Art Basel Hong Kong.


Mar 2013

Speaker :  Singapore and The” Southeast Asian Art Ecosystem”


Singapore has since 1990′s stated its intention to position itself as a “global city for the arts”. However, discussions, published writings and specific decisions have, more often than not, been Singapore-centric, even though neither Singapore nor its arts scene exists in silo. The presentation proposed an alternative, outside-in approach in advancing this discourse. It framed the discussion by weaving in a broader framework that involves Indonesia and Hong Kong, through an overview of the Southeast Asian art market and comparative developments in the art scenes of Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia. Patricia took the audience through specific and detailed components that make up the Southeast Asian art scenes and markets, the workings of the validation and distribution centres before moving on to examine Singapore’s stated ambition and the issues that are associated with that aspiration – including that of education, mentality and attitudes as well as creative leadership. Perspectives from different individuals from within and outside the Southeast Asian art scene were also brought in to enrich the discourse and five filmed interviews were screened for the first time : T K Sabapathy, Art Historian (Singapore), Helena Spanjaard, Art Historian, (Amsterdam), Lorenzo Rudolf, Art Stage Singapore, Sylvain Levy, Collector, DSL Collection (Paris). A trailer for Leading Patrons of Asian Art also premiered that evening.

Apr 2012

Moderator, Panel Discussion on the occasion of the opening of new OHD museum, Magelang, Yogjakarta : Pitching Indonesian art to International Museums : Issues, pitfalls and strategies and Charting Indonesian art for growth in the international art market : issues, pitfalls and strategies

Panelists : Magnus Renfrew, Director, Art Hong Kong; Lorenzo Rudolf, Director, Art Stage Singapore; Pearl Lam, Director, Contrasts Gallery, Shanghai & Hong Kong; Helena Spanyaard, Art Historian, The Netherlands; Kwok Kian Chow, Special Advisor to National Art Gallery, Singapore; Dr. Oei Hong Djien, Collector, Indonesia

Nov 2011

Lecture to Master’s students and faculty of Sotheby’s Institute, London “An Introduction to the Southeast Asian Art Market”

Nov 2010 Moderator, Panel Discussion : “If I had to start over”. Dr. Oei Hong Djien, Collector, Indonesia; Deddy Kusuma, Collector, Indonesia; Marjorie Chu, Dealer, Singapore

Apr 2009

Presenter, Public Lecture – C-Arts Talk in collaboration with Singapore Art Museum @ Grand Indonesia, Jakarta : “The Southeast Asian art market and the global financial crisis”.

Oct 2008

Presenter, Public Lecture @ Art Singapore :”Southeast Asian art through the financial lens” to incorporate content of Master’s thesis, “Is the Southeast Asian art market riding on a bubble?”.



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